Haute Mutha Voodoo is radical handcrafted jewelry for the rock n' rolla. The devil is in the details. Every Mala is carefully crafted with 108 beads with 3 marker beads, or a combination, but always divisible by 9. We strive to scour over the terra firma to find extraordinary materials, to create for all of our weapons of massive consumption. 

Your new new voodoo must be respected and cared for, or quite simply it will break. Water is not our friend, like the witch of the west, we will melt. Or hopefully this doesn't happen to you, but we could possibly turn into a Gremlin. So take extra heed and caution. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Due to our handcraftiness, smartassiness and natural materials, colors and material can vary. We are also final sale. No tradsies, no givebacks, think fast I touched you last, well you get the point.

Voodoo Dolls, keep slayin' it

ex oh ex oh

Haute Mutha